Ons Storie

JC en Surika Crafford
Pretoria, Suid-Afrika


Vreklekker. What does the word mean? If you are from South Africa you will know.

My home language is Afrikaans. “Vreklekker” literally translate into English means “very, very nice”

Lately, the following happens. Nobody has photo albums anymore because we don’t print photos anymore. Our photos live on our cell phones and our computers. And when our hard drives crash or our phones get stolen.… No more memories.

We (Surika my wife, and myself, JC) are professional photographers and videographers in South Africa. We are usually so busy editing other peoples photos and weddings that we battle to get to our editing.

We decided we would like to change this a bit.

We love travelling, exploring and discovering new places. Normally 2 days at a place is enough, then we want to discover something new. That something new must preferably be somewhere in nature where not a lot of people often goes to.

We also have a daughter Miya who is still in primary school and go with us on all our trips. I have two sons, Timothy and Bertie who are grown-ups, they travel with us occasionally.

We have an Echo off-road trailer that is rigged for travelling and a Toyota FJ Cruiser.

During our 2nd trip to Botswana in 2019. Photographed on the Makgadigadi pans.

We decided to start a travelling blog so that we are forced to put all our memories on here, after all, that is all we have left at the end…memories.

Our aim is to start travelling on a more full-time basis in a few years.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. We would love you to become a part of our journey.

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