Zambezi Fishermen

The Zambezi Fishermen


The beautiful country of Namibia extends into a small strip of land called the Zambezi Region, formerly the Caprivi strip. To the North of the Caprivi strip is Zambia and to the South is Botswana.

The mighty Zambezi River forms the border between Namibia and Zambia.

On the banks of the Zambezi stays some Zambian fishermen in huts they’ve built. They are poor but hardworking people. For some months of the year they farm on plots of lands away from the Zambezi. And then for some months they move to the Zambezi banks and live from fishing in their Mokoro botas. These boats are cut from the trunk of the Jackalberry tree by themselves.

It is a hard life, but it is the only life they know.

But they are fortunate, they live on some of the most beautiful pieces of land in Africa which is largely untouched by civilisation.